Jewellery Care

How to Take Care of Your Pieces at Home

Fine jewellery is a precious possession that can last forever and therefore requires proper care to ensure its lasting qualities. When storing, keep pieces separate to avoid scratching

Gold and silver should be cleaned with their respective jewellery cleaning solutions, dried and buffed with a soft cloth. No abrasives (including toothpaste) are to be used as these will scratch gold and silver and no harsh chemicals as these may pit and discolour the metal.

Diamonds, although the most durable of all gemstones, can still be chipped and damaged. They also have an affinity for soap and oils creating a film on the surface and should be cleaned regularly to maintain their brilliance and shine.
Coloured gemstones are varied in their properties and make up and should therefore be cared for appropriately. Please ensure that you have received information regarding their care for a specific gemstone.

Pearls and other organic gems are porous and therefore more susceptible to damage and discolouration. They should never be exposed to cosmetics, perfumes and hairsprays. A good rule of thumb is to make them the last item to put on and the first item to take off. They should be washed with mild soap and water, rinsed and allowed to air dry flat. Pearl and bead strands should also be restrung regularly (as soon as there is play between the knots) by a professional to avoid breakage and loss.

Jewellery should be checked regularly by a professional for loose settings and any excessive signs of wear.